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If you are having a true emergency, we can get you in the same day. We set aside specific times in our schedule that allow us to address emergency situations. Please call us (512) 953-8362 in the unfortunate event of an emergency.


After Hours Emergency


Murphy's Law -- our office is closed and your tooth decided to act up on you. They sure do choose the most inconvenient times! IF YOU ARE CURRENTLY A PATIENT OF OURS,  and this is a true emergency, have no fear, we are here for you. Unless it is a life threatening (you are having difficulty breathing), give us a call on our office phone and there will be an emergency option to leave a message for Dr. Walton. The answering service will contact her and she will be in touch with you as soon as possible. The typical response time is less than 3 hours, but in rare circumstances, it can take up to 12 hrs. If you are having difficulty breathing, please call 911.



So What Qualifies as  "TRUE EMERGENCY"?

  • You are hit in the mouth and your tooth falls out, is out of alignment, or is loose.

  • Your face is swollen

  • You are experiencing throbbing pain, a dull ache, unable to find relief, unable to sleep.

  • Basically, if you are considering that you may need to go to the emergency room due to a tooth issue and you are NOT having difficulty breathing, you are experiencing a true dental emergency.




  • A filling fell out and there is the absence of aching pain. You may experience cold or air sensitivity that may last up to 20 seconds after you swallow.

  • A chipped tooth (again, absence of aching pain)

  • A temporary crown fell off.

    • A temporary crown can easily be put back onto your tooth by placing temporary cement that you can get at your local drug store (ask the pharmacist if you can't find it) or  toothpaste into the temporary and placing it onto your tooth. Try putting your crown in first and note how it fits into place. Once you are comfortable with the fit, apply the adhesive into the temporary and place it properly on your tooth. Bite down firmly onto a dry washcloth, applying even pressure to the temporary. After a few minutes, clean off any excess adhesive you can see. You should see us within the next few days to have it properly re-cemented.



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